Private Tour Scotland

At Private Tour Scotland we provide a service where you (as an individual, or along with a small group of friends/family) tour in a suitable vehicle in the company of an experienced driver/guide. Ours are personalised, exclusive tours and at no point do you share with other travellers.

From our base in the Scottish Highlands we offer a wide range of day trips – any of which can be tailored to specific interests.

We specialise in extended trips (over several days) throughout Scotland, and indeed many parts of England, Ireland, and Wales.

This of course is not a new concept. Indeed there are a number of similar tour operators throughout the country. Some are large companies, some are one man bands. Some provide an excellent service, some do not. This website has been put together in order to introduce you to the service we offer, and the people involved.

Your Driver/Guide

Whether touring for one or several days it is certainly important that you should be travelling in a comfortable, appropriate vehicle. However, of equal, if not greater importance is your driver/guide. Private Tour Scotland currently consists of five highly experienced guides. Each have there own style, and indeed particular areas of interest. However, they all have at least one thing in common and that is a genuine interest in sharing our country, its history and culture, with visitors from all parts of the world.

We are not “lecturers”, it is simply not our style, nor would we claim to have all the answers to our guests many questions. Though we each have many years experience as driver/guides we would equally be the first to acknowledge that the learning process never ends.